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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member 🇫🇮 Tatu Ylijoki 🐉Male/Finland Groups :iconbloodstain-symphony: Bloodstain-Symphony
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June Swap: R.J by Saragonvoid June Swap: R.J :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 2 0 June Trade: Taowi by Saragonvoid June Trade: Taowi :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 3 2
DW Reborn - Part 4
Dimension Wars - Reborn
By Team 1: pelle131313 & Saragonvoid
Part 4


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Two determined sets of footsteps can be heard walking through a forest. X pacing up front, followed by Gust, who's barely keeping up behind him. "Dude hold up... my whole body's all sore for some reason... and tell me again what the heck's going on!" Gust demands, as he stops by a tree and leans towards it to catch his breath. X stops shortly after, glances back to Gust, and lets out a slightly annoyed sigh.
    "So, the machine back at the Headquarters appearently malfunctioned or something, sending us two here, and my powers don't work at the time. In addition, I was told there's some kind of monster behind all of this, who has stol
:iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 0 0
DW Reborn - Part 3
Dimension Wars - Reborn
By Team 1: pelle131313 & Saragonvoid
Part 3


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Guided by a cool wind, a group of people walks their last steps from a mountain path, arriving at the edge of a small town at the base of tall snow covered mountains. It has just been starting to turn into morning, and the sun's rays shine on the town from behind faraway forests in the distance, making the small piles of snow glimmer around the town.
    "Well, we're here!" Midra declares as they pass through a simple gate made of piled rocks on the sides of the road. She then lowers herself a little, and gently places Bolt on the ground from her shoulder where she h
:iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 0 0
DW Reborn - Part 2

Dimension Wars - Reborn
By Team 1: pelle131313 & Saragonvoid
Part 2

"Where is everyone?"

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"Where am I...?" Tony utters, as he finds himself surrounded by nothing but odd, unnatural darkness. He has no recollection of what's happened, and no idea where he is now. Everything is simply unrecognizable, and covered in shades of purple smoke, slowly gliding in the air around Tony.
        He catches a sight of something moving in the shadows, but sees nothing when he takes a look. He's feeling uneasy, as he looks around the place. He seems to be standing on a path, with the smoke seeming like it's opening ahead, as if guiding
:iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 0 0
DW Reborn - Part 1
Dimension Wars - Reborn
By Team 1: pelle131313 & Saragonvoid
Part 1


Prologue -
Next part -
Noise of metal and junk can be heard from a metal filled scrapyard of a very small and old town, and two shapes are seen moving there. One is that of a robot, with an extended arm coming from a hole in it's back, moving larger pieces of old broken machine parts and junk, letting a gray haired man in an old and shabby labcoat go through the parts, every now and then picking something up and either throwing it away, or loading it on the robot's storage space.
        "Professor Bolt, my storage is nearly full, I advise we bring the collected items back to the lab and come back to get more" the robot tells the man as
:iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 0 0
May Swappage: Annette by Saragonvoid May Swappage: Annette :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 8 1 Bloodstain toot by Saragonvoid Bloodstain toot :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 5 6 [OC List] Flask by Saragonvoid [OC List] Flask :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 6 5 Art Trade: Alessa by Saragonvoid Art Trade: Alessa :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 3 3 Art Trade: Fluffy by Saragonvoid Art Trade: Fluffy :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 12 3 Art Trade: Albert Louise Roosevelt by Saragonvoid Art Trade: Albert Louise Roosevelt :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 3 3 Art Trade: Anarith with extra fab by Saragonvoid Art Trade: Anarith with extra fab :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 5 5 Coyo hugs [Collab Thingy] by Saragonvoid Coyo hugs [Collab Thingy] :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 6 2 April Swap: Merlow by Saragonvoid April Swap: Merlow :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 2 2 [OC List] Edwin Starr by Saragonvoid [OC List] Edwin Starr :iconsaragonvoid:Saragonvoid 3 1
You can find my commission info here: :)
Also often up for some art trades ^^

Random Favourites

In This Moment by yuumei In This Moment :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,684 413 Prince Skully by UnknownSpy Prince Skully :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 529 12 Adrian by UnknownSpy Adrian :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 762 71 Commission: Girl Who Crosses Over by deerlordhunter Commission: Girl Who Crosses Over :icondeerlordhunter:deerlordhunter 470 10 Darkness and stuff... by pelle131313 Darkness and stuff... :iconpelle131313:pelle131313 4 4 Corisande Henrietta: Water Enegry by Omiza-Zu Corisande Henrietta: Water Enegry :iconomiza-zu:Omiza-Zu 119 18 League of Legends Rakan Xayah by miacat7 League of Legends Rakan Xayah :iconmiacat7:miacat7 303 14 Dental Hygiene Princess [Kancolle OC Design] by Dave-Shino Dental Hygiene Princess [Kancolle OC Design] :icondave-shino:Dave-Shino 18 3 Commission #32 - ghogo WIP by Zismo-W Commission #32 - ghogo WIP :iconzismo-w:Zismo-W 33 22 3 by Raichiyo33 3 :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 3,503 91 Hummingbird by Novalezaeirden Hummingbird :iconnovalezaeirden:Novalezaeirden 7 9 Mary Jane venom draft pick by CGlas Mary Jane venom draft pick :iconcglas:CGlas 636 41 Pluck by RakkuGuy Pluck :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,603 145 Request Batch by DiableDiablo Request Batch :icondiablediablo:DiableDiablo 13 13 Pentakill by VegaColors Pentakill :iconvegacolors:VegaColors 918 44 Ayel by RakkuGuy Ayel :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 921 50
Random stuff I come across and find it nice enough to favorite :)

My OCT History

Role: Contestant
Character(s): Professor Bolt & Prototype 121
Partner: - None -
Placement: Lost round 1

(Season 3)
Role: Contestant
Character(s): Supermoney Island (Character)
Partner: - None -
Placement: Lost round 1

Role: Contestant
Character(s): Lillian
Partner: pelle131313 (Characters: Tony & Nova)
Placement: Didn't make it in

Role: Contestant
Character(s): Neith
Partner: pelle131313 (Character: Nikolai)
Placement: Lost round 3

Role: Contestant
Character(s): Béhauldth
Partner: - None -
Placement: Lost round 1

Role: Judge
Character(s): The Troubadour
Status: - Under Construction -



🇫🇮 Tatu Ylijoki 🐉
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I see you've found your way to my dA page. :)
Shortly about myself... hmm.. I'm 21 years old guy from Finland, and I like drawing OCs (Original characters) of mine and others. ^^

I draw stuff mainly for my own enjoyment ^^

One thing to know, you probably shouldnt take everything I say too seriously xP
I might say stupid stuff and try to be funny, but I mean no offense to anyone. Just lemme know if I'm going overboard if that happens :P

List of my OCsClick on any of them to be brought to their description with all their info, relations to other characters etc. ^^
Searching their names in my gallery will probably show few more pictures of some of them, so try that if you need extra references :) (Smile)
NEW: I've added a link to the characters' ref that leads to a stash folder of all of the art made of them by me and others, so feel free to check those for extra reference and such~ :D
You can find the link in the description before the bios and after the basic info ^^
          [OC List] Wreck by Saragonvoid [OC List] Havoc by Saragonvoid [OC List] Chill by Saragonvoid [OC List] Temper by Saragonvoid&

I'm more than okay by having my characters drawn, so if you wanna surprise me or something, no need for permission :D
This includes NSFW work. Feel absolutely free to do what you like
(And show me) ;P

Note: I usually go by the name Dragonome, but I may or may not have forgotten my password for that account on deviantART, so if I have something signed by Dragonome, I haven't stolen it. Not that I usually sign my stuff anyways :/

:iconrequestsask: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsask: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconkiribansask:

Request / Commission / Art Trades, etc.
If you're looking for stuff like this, hit me with a note :)

I do these if I'm not busy with anything else. Mainly reserved for friends and people I know, but I won't get mad at anyone who might ask for one. Always honored people like my art~ ^^ (Just don't get mad at me if I decline)
Though I'm more likely to actually do them if your request is either interesting, funny, or includes a cool/interesting/cute character(s), and/or isn't overly complicated, and again, if I have spare time. ;P
But if you absolutely want something from me, I suggest checking my commissions or art trades for that ;)

Art Trades
My favourite way to provide art for others, since both of us get something from it, and I love seeing my characters drawn by basically anyone :D
Absolutely feel free to ask about these :D
Though I'm more likely to accept if I know you / can trust you, and I'll likely automatically accept if we're friends~ :)

Check here for info and if they are open ->
Pretty cheap prizes and open to a lot of stuff ^^
I accept PayPal (€ / $ / £ ) and dA Points :points:

My commission info - [Closed]
Status: Closed for a while! ( I need to rework the whole page)
(Status is always up-to-date, so if it says I'm open, ask away!)
To commission me, simply leave a comment here or send me a note with all the details :)
Greetings, and welcome to my commission info ^^
Most information should be listed in appropriate places and I'm hoping it's clear enough to find what you need, but if not, let me know so I can hopefully make it more clear, and feel free to ask
- I can usually get commissions done in from 1 day to a week
- In general they will be done on first-come-first-serve basis, but some chibies or quicker stuff may get done first
- If you somehow lose your commission and haven't asked me to post it on my gallery, feel free to ask me if I still have the picture saved, which I likely do, and I'll send it to you again ^^
100 :points: points = 1 USD / 1 EUR


Oh, and here's my weird dream diary in case anyone wants to check that out ;P
Updated at random xD
Dream Diary 2016 [Last update: April 25th]Previous years

New year, new diary! Let's see if I'm able to keep this thing more updated than the last one :D
Simple explanation; when I wake up, I'll do my best to get the dream I saw (if I saw one) written here soon as I can :D
NOTE: The day is based on whatever the date happens to be on my computer when I wake up and get to writing, so if I happen to sleep weirdly, there may very well be 2 entries for 1 day Wink/Razz
NOTE 2: From now on, I'll also update the Journal with every first entry of the month :)
1st: I was sentenced to jail for a week for not going to army. Some inmate had a small weird device with a spike that caused fingers to go numb, and used it on me once before I got it from him. Later some twitter celebrity starts campaign to get me out of the jail, and it gets viral. They are successful 1 day before I'd b


Journal History

A year has come to an end, and so did the raffle, and here are the lucky winners~ :D

First, a fullbody, won by :icontalonartsda: TalonArtsdA 

Second, a bust shot, won by :iconchibispitbit: ChibiSpitBit

And last but not least, a chibi, won by :iconjourneyarcher: JourneyArcher

Congrats to you three! And thank you for everyone who joined and have been watching my stuff :)
Feel free to note me about your prizes and what you'd like me to do for you, and I'll also get to you in time ^^


Huh. I came across a random kiriban post, which reminded me to check my pageviews. Turns out, they were at 30,010, so by pure coincidence I passed 30k like, today? xD

Well, I had sort of planned to maybe hold a kiriban for it but that's passed now, so free request to whoever catches the 30,030 pageviews, fuck it~ ;P


Belated thanks for the watch!
Tue May 23, 2017, 8:42 AM
Sat May 20, 2017, 9:37 AM
Aw yuss ;D
Mon Jan 4, 2016, 7:28 AM
Shout box obtained!
Mon Jan 4, 2016, 12:41 AM


Relyon's raffle! Go check it~ 


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